Cleaning/Care FAQ

TRAQ™ shoes are made in a variety of mixed media materials, each with varying characteristics. Genuine leathers will tend to stretch over time; our Dream Knit™ is very stretchy and accommodating; woven textiles offer minimal stretch.

The loops portion of the strap has most likely gotten too fuzzy; your local shoe cobbler may be able to provide further assistance with having it replaced

TRAQ™ footbeds can be hand or gentle cycle washed using mild detergent and water, and air dried. We recommend the footbed be completely dry before replacing back into the shoes.

Ensure to store your shoes away from extreme changes in temperature, in cool to room temperature conditions. To prevent odors, make sure shoes are dry and surfaced cleaned before storing away for longer storage.

TRAQ™ shoes are made from combinations of genuine leathers, Dream Knit™ and textile materials, we recommend using shoe cleaners appropriate for the coordinating material.

Try the following:

  • Force close the app and reopen. Allow 5-10 seconds for the app to read data from your shoes.
  • Re-sync your TRAQ™ shoes by disconnecting and connect the shoes again. (Note doing this step may reset your daily step activity.)
  • Log off your account and log in again to refresh. (Note you will need to re-connect your shoes to the app again.)

For maximum comfort and support, we recommend using the Alegria footbeds.

The footbeds are not meant to be replaceable and should last for the lifetime of your TRAQ™ shoes.

No, do not attempt to wash TRAQ™ shoes in the washing machine. Shoe uppers may be surface cleaned separately with the appropriate cleaners. Footbeds are washable.

You can only pair other TRAQ™ shoes with the app.

Q-Chip FAQ

The Q-chip only collects your daily step activity and uses the smartphone app to sync the information.

For more help on how to connect the Q-Chip text “Hello” to (424)-383-TRAQ for live text support!

The encasement for the Q-chip will withstand minor water contact, but we do not recommend extended contact with moisture.

Based on 8 hours of continuous use, the battery will last for 3 years. No recharging of the battery is necessary for use.

The Q-Chip is powered by a flat cell battery type CR2032 XP and is safe for airports and metal detectors.

Yes, the Q-Chip connects to the TRAQ™ Shoes through Bluetooth.

The Q-Chip does not have GPS sensors. It only tracks your activity.

The battery is non-replaceable, and is meant to last for the same average lifetime as your shoes.

The Q-Chip is located in the middle of the sole of the shoes.

The Q-Chip is a smart technology installed in every TRAQ™ shoe that accurately tracks your steps and uses the coordinating smartphone app to sync the data.

Shoes FAQ

Please see our “Where to Buy” on our website.

We recommend using TRAQ™ shoes for mostly walking and light jogging.

The advanced technology found in the Q-Chip of every pair of TRAQ™ shoe can detect your movement when you are walking and when you have stopped.

Our TRAQ™ shoes are not rated for water resistance; therefore we would not recommend using them in heavy rain or very wet conditions.

We recommend using TRAQ™ shoes for mostly walking and light jogging.

We recommend using TRAQ™ shoes for mostly walking and light jogging.

The shoes have an average lifespan of 2-3 years of normal wear and tear. Our manufacturer warranty covers issues related to the manufacturing of the product, as well limited warranty on the function of the Q-Chip.

The battery will last for the average lifetime of your shoe. Based on 8 hours of continuous use, the battery will last for 3 years. No recharging of the battery is necessary for use.

Due to the custom nature of orthotics, we recommend trying your TRAQ™ shoes on with your orthotics to ensure a good fit.

Yes, all of our TRAQ™ shoes are lab rated slip-resistant.

Smartphone App FAQ

Go to FRIENDS section, and you will find a pencil icon next to your name/image, click to enter the Personal Information page. Click on the image to or any fields to edit your information.

Ensure your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities are turn on. Then open the app to the MY SHOES section. Click ADD SHOES and shake your Left shoe close to your device until the shoe selection shows up to pair.

The chip updates every 5-10 seconds. If app is turned off and synching for the first time, allow up to 1 minute to synchronize the step count.

The shoes will store up to 7 days of walking activity available to sync to your app dashboard. Open the app periodically and allow the data to be synced to your smartphone app.

Under the MY Shoes section, you will see an image of your shoes paired to the app. If your shoes are active and counting steps to your app it will have a green indicator on the top left corner.

The TRAQ™ by Alegria app requires iOS versions 9.3 or later for Apple devices, and OS versions 5.0 and up for Android devices.

Upon first time pairing the shoes select either GUEST or LOGIN

  • New users can click “Sign Up” to register their email
  • Returning users enter email and password information login and click Login.

Once logged on click ADD SHOES

  • Follow screen instructions to detect new shoes, when found click + symbol to pair

You can connect as many TRAQ™ shoes as you want!

The TRAQ™ by Alegria app is completely free to use!

The app is currently for iOS and Android.

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